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Center of Energy Laboratory

Center of energy laboratory Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya

It is one of the research laboratory and services that are managed directly by Institute of Research and community services (LPPM) ITS. This laboratory has the main task to support and implement ITS leading research and provide consultancy services, analysis, and training in the field of energy and engineering for the community.

This laboratory was built in the middle of 2009. Building commission and equipment was made by the end of 2009 and start operating since March 2010. The expansion of the laboratory has been done by constructing energy laboratory building II in the area of the Research Center of ITS with around 2400m width.

ITS LPPM energy laboratory equipped with sophisticated analysis instrument, laboratories, Lab cars (portable Instrument) to survey the field, workshop building, office for guest researchers and doctoral students as well as rooms for training and education.

The main instrumentation located at the Laboratory of Energy and Engineering studies covers SHEM-EDX, XRD, AFM, The ICP OES, XRF, HRMS, HPLC, GC and more related things, which depends on the needs of research in the field of alternative energy. Besides that, the laboratory is also equipped survey equipment in the form of labs, cars with an ability to analyze the quality of the water, soil and air such as pH, DO, nitrate ions, nitrite, Sulfate, ammonia and chloride, water conductivity, CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, moisture, dust contents, measurement device on noise and vibration, measurement device on explosion vibration, measurement device on numbers of cetane and octane, measurement tools on BBG vapors.


  1. Research

Fuel Conversion, Bio-fuels, Fuel Cell, battery, Energy conservation, Geothermal, Hybrid Energy, Renewable Energy (sunlight, the wind, waves and sea flow and so on).

  1. Service on Analysis and Measurement

Receiving analysis services and measurement which cover:

  • Coal Analysis;
  • Fuel Analysis;
  • Bio-diesel Analysis;
  • Mobile Lab;
  • Organic fertilizer Analysis;
  • Inorganic fertilizer Analysis;
  • Charcoal Analysis;
  • Soil Analysis;
  • Wood Analysis;
  • Tea and coffee Analysis;
  • Food & Nutrition Analysis; and
  • Growth Regulatory substance Analysis (ZPT).
  1. Training

Training on Bio-fuel, Instrumentation analysis (SHEM-EDX Training, XRD, XRF, GC, HPLC, Thermal Analysis, ICP). Open training for ITS academician, academics and researchers, nor public.

  1. Consultation

Consultation on energy efficiency and production process, factory design, bio-fuel industry, product development, etc.

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