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Community Services Program (ITS)

Community Services Program (ITS)

ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) as Indonesia’s leading higher education institutions in technology has set its vision for the period of 2008-2017: “ Becoming a rapid higher education institution in the field of marine, energy and settlements with environmental insight to achieve an international reputation “. In realizing the vision, its mission in the field of research are participating actively in the development of science, technology and arts especially in the field of marine, energy and settlement through the international quality research activities. While the mission of community services is to use all resources to participate in solving the problems faced by the community, industry and government. The activity purpose of community services, are:

  1. To create a conducive atmosphere for the activities of community services in ITS, especially related to the commissioning competence or implementation of research results.
  2. Encourage all of ITS academic staff to participate in the activities of community services, especially for staff who have never been involved in the activities before.
  3. Improve dissemination and diffusion of IPTEKS research products, so that can provide high benefits for the industry or groups of people whose need.
  4. Integrating education activities, either on the level of D3, S1, S2 or S3, with research activities and community services, which has taken place in ITS.

The activities of community services are intended to provide solutions to the real issues that occurred in the community. Activities which can be funded are:

(i) Training is the community services activities in the form of education and training. The purpose of this activity is to implement the results of IPTEKS for community empowerment and produce changes in knowledge, skills and the attitude of the target community groups. The target group is the wider community which can be a society in general, groups, communities, or institution that is located in rural and urban areas with the activities in the various areas. As examples: Workshop on skill training for youth villages, handicraft skills training for women, computer training for teachers at elementary school/Junior high school/Senior High School and so on. In order to ensure the usefulness of training, sustainability on outcomes research monitoring is an essential part which is needed to be done.

(ii) Community empowerment is intended to help the improvement of community in dependencies and empower the public potential and natural resources in their environment which are not yet used well, in an attempt to increase productivity and independence of society. This program was conducted as much as possible by energizing active engagement of society with strategic planning of regional government and the implementation of the IPTEK ITS results. As an example: empowerment of household industry which are related to the potential of local resources, empowerment of fishermen wives to increase income, the mentoring arrangement of the curriculum and vocational high school practices, community mentoring in disaster areas, and so on.

(iii) The development of Micro, small and medium enterprises is a community services activities in the form of the IPTEKS implementation results in order to resolve the problems of micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM). This program is intended to enhance the independence and performance of UMKM. As an example: improvements in the quality of processed products industry UMKM, increasing the productivity of UMKM with the appropriate technology, development of online marketing to expand the market of UMKM, and so on.

(iv) Other activities which are not included in the three types as above-mentioned; however, it is provides benefits for the community based on competency possessed by ITS, not intended to produce a financial benefit for the team itself and ITS, and requires the implementation of funds that cannot be obtained from other sources.


The final goals of community services is to assist the achievement of ITS vision and mission in the field of community services, namely:

  1. The actualization of the activities which are able to provide solutions to the real problems faced by the community, nation, state, and humans.
  2. Achieving national and international reputation for the activities and the results of research and community services by ITS.
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